Artist's Statement

My work involves many levels, both thematically and visually. The persistence of narrative is driven by the trouble in the world and in my mind, and tempered by visual experience which provides moments of respite. While I try for some universality, I keep the details pretty close to home for authenticity. My sources are memory, observation, dreams, imagination, and the hard-to-elude discursive mind. I assemble connected elements from these realms, then wrestle with them until they cohere into a brick that, to me, seems to make some structural sense.

The nature of the images, with their dense overlapping rhythms, has been encouraged by the unique drawing surface of the litho stone. It is endlessly receptive and resistant to torture. I hope for these prints to reward prolonged gazing (by those few in the world who still have time for such activity) at any distance, from the overall composition to microscopic examination of small clumps of marks.

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