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Sorry for the aged nature of both the art and the web design, but while we are waiting for the webmaster (me) to get around to his own site, there may be a more complete version of the scans of my lithos in the photo albums on this FaceBook page . (also evidence of new and old sketching activity)
And, for the occasional sputtering of this and that, please see my blog: ChernHaven

November 2004: Online purchasing appearing

April, 2002: Newly expanded galleries of lithographs online:

Don't miss the scans of my book Burnt Man. First half of story now online.

Printmaking a dark night with many moons

has (had) been my primary medium as a visual artist since the dark and fateful Fall of '78.
In order to demonstrate that I have occasionally been encouraged in this pointless task, here is my resume. (Mostly a list of exhibitions.) As you can see, I have been widely honored in my field. That and $1.50 will get you a single espresso.
See below for statements.

(Above: Human Flight - Theory and Practice color litho, 1992)

A few small black & white prints

Black ink is the essence of the medium.

Artist's Statements

I know, run away!!!!, but what would an art show be without them? Anyway, I never got any degrees or anything so my statements may be a little different. I'll provide a couple from different time periods, though they may seem strangely similar for all that. (And, perhaps somewhere in the future I'll do some hypertext annotation on them!)
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