Above:Detail from Dry Run; lithograph, 22"x30", 1988

A Few Small Black & White Prints

Click on any of these small GIFs to get a somewhat larger JPEG image.

The Cachet of the Arctic Explorer, litho, 7"x11", 1988

Road Food, litho, 7"x11" 1987

"Shelf Portrait". Drypoint, 8"x10" 1987.

This is an atypical print in several ways:


Black and White
This is perhaps the most focused format I work in. Black ink is the true essence of printmaking, and the small format prompts a more singular and anecdotal composition. In my larger pieces I usually worked for a more complex assemblage of related viewpoints, and the theme might consequently be more metaphoric and less directly auto-biographical. In my color work, the densely overlapping color tends to take over somewhat from the linear and thematic elements. Of course, this is also in terms of visability and file size the easiest form to display online.
Naytheless, I have compromised the images considerably due to disk space and download time considerations, and can't begin to show the depth of detail and fine grain of the originals. I hope to bring a glimpse of my more major efforts and a closer look at these some day.

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